CredoWeb 2.0

The project: Social network for medical practitioners.

The problem: To develop a software that has all the standard features of a social network, but also additional tools for communication and organization of workflow that would be convenient and useful for doctors.

The solution: We built the system from scratch, as we conformed structure of the project and the database entirely with the specific needs of the project. We've tried to simultaneously use new technologies, but also to support older browsers (including IE 8). Using node.js we achieved communication with the users in real time, without overloading the servers. The flexible and optimized project structure allows us to easily develop and enrich the functionalities and interfaces.

The result: Credoweb system has more than 8 types of profiles and their numbers steadily increases. Each profile has access to different parts of the system. Users can publish articles, galleries, videos, polls. Based on their specialities (only for physicians), interests or profiles that are followed, users see an interactive dashboard with filtered information. Users can follow profiles, like, follow and comment on posts.Besides the typical social network modules, CredoWeb2.0. has a number of tools that aim to facilitate the customers:

  • functional calendar that helps doctors and hospitals to organize their work schedule
  • messaging system operating in real time
  • forum specifically designed for the needs of CredoWeb2.0.

The platform is deployed on several virtual machines (each with its own specific function) in the Amazon Cloud Solution.